Sightseeing Stop – Salt Lake City

Temple from Garden

So after a shorter driving day, by design, I was able to spend some of the late afternoon in Salt Lake City. The center of Salt Lake is pretty much dominated by Temple Square. Regardless of how you view the Mormon church, the square is a lovely place to hang around, watch people, enjoy the sunshine, and take some photos.


Fountain at the Convention Center

Temple and Reflecting Pond


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Red Rocks in Utah

Taken just stopping along the Interstate.

Red Rocks of Utah

Train Along the Rocks

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Sightseeing Stop – Firehole Canyon

Driving down to the Canyon
After spending the night in Green River, I had a short drive on tap for Tuesday. Frankly, whether it was a planned shorter drive or not, it was going to end up a shorter drive. I had hit a bit of a wall when it came to spending time in the car! Rather than start out for Salt Lake City first thing though, I took a little detour into the Flaming Gorge Recreational Area, which is the area around…

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Siteseeing Stop – Green River, Wyoming

Green River Marker

A lovely little town, Green River. While the river that bears it’s name is a very large, long, river, the town itself isn’t very big. But, it has a hotel right off the freeway, which was really the only prerequisite for this trip! I actually arrived in Green River late in the afternoon, and despite the hotel being right off the freeway, promptly missed the turn to it and wound up in the center…

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Prarie Dog

via Flickr

Mr. Limcoln Closeup

Along Interstate 80, the Lincoln Highway. via Flickr


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Kansas Farm

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