Just a few hours drive from the Upstate is Charleston, such a popular tourist spot that the natives are openly encourage people to not come…lol

Ship's bell

John Calhoun


Seeking some food

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I hear there may be some of this in Oregon too, but I will miss walking around the mountains in this area of the country. Especially being able to go for these hikes just about year round!
Table Rock
Waterfall at the start of the creek trail

At the lake, playing with reflections

Table Rock from Visitors Center

Blue Wall Preserve

BW Twin Ponds

Standing below the waterfall


Wildcat Branch Falls

The upper part of Wildcat Branch Falls

Pisgah National Forest

Looking Glass Falls B/W

Playing in the River on a Sunny Day

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Falls with Liberty Bridge

Yup, right smack in the middle of downtown Greenville is Falls Park, home of the Falls of the Reedy River.

Seriously, this is right smack in the middle of downtown, you can sit at a restaurant or coffee shop and watch the waterfall.

Falls of the Reedy River

Oh and there’s also a path that takes you from Falls Park over about a mile to Cleveland Park, where the Greenville Zoois located. It is part of the longer Swamp…

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Sunrise in Myrtle Beach

All taken on Christmas Eve, which we discovered is a great time to go and really have the beach to yourself.

Sunrise Christmas Eve

Sunrise Christmas Eve

Sunrise Christmas Eve Pier

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Cooling Off
Almost 13 years ago, my wife and I went down to Tennessee to get married, and decided to drive up into the mountains for our honeymoon. We discovered the Sourwood Inn at that time, and loved the peaceful, scenic area up in the mountains.

Lo and behold, in 2011, when I made the move to my new job in Greenville, we wound up just over an hour away from our honeymoon spot. Naturally, we made it a…

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As part of my farewell to South Carolina, I’m posting pics from our time here. One of our favorite pastimes, anywhere we go, is strolling around the local zoo. Greenville did not disappoint in that regard. It might not be the largest zoo we’ve ever seen, but it is a lovely place to wander around!

I can still see you

Pot Bellied Pig in his Pool

What Large Eyes You Have

Behind Bars

"Hey, hey you"

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Poinsett Bridge

Part of the old Asheville Road, how travelers would get between Greenville and Asheville on their horses and carts. The bridge was built in 1820.

Sunset on South Carolina

As I prepare to leave our old home in South Carolina and head to our new one in Oregon, I thought it’d be fun to share some of the fond memories of the last 3 years in photos.